• We are equipped with specialized cutting dies and tools for high precision output that develops an extensive range of ready to use Stainless Steel woven wire mesh filters (Extruder Screens) with 304 L grade in wide range of sizes. These specialized products are developed specially for plastic and Rubber Extrusion Industries.

    Stainless Steel Wire mesh screens in plain weave in a wide variety of shapes and sizes are available that saves operator’s time in filling these screens.

    These screens can also be used in pet recycling, BOPP film plants and non-woven fabric plants


  • Cylindrical Screen Packs commonly called as Candle filter elements offer great advantage of being able to be cleaned and re-used. These spot welded multi-layer packs are assembled in proper lapping to eliminate operator error.

    The candle filters are generally used in lamination & multi-layer film plants and available as per mesh combination / diameter / length.

  • Filter cloth packs are used in filtration of polyster film plants and in lamination & multilayer film plants. These screen packs are available with spot welding and can also be fabricated with aluminum ring with any mesh combinations in a variety of sequence. These screens are available in a variety of mesh combinations and diameter.

  • Witex Wire Netting Industries manufactures purpose-made filters, pressings and filter elements to customers’ specifications. Facilities including welding, spot welding, seam welding and press forming.

    Witex Wire Netting Industries offer wire cloth processed welded filter tubes, cylinders and other filter elements. Custom order widths & lengths are available.

    Other facilities include the high speed cutting of stainless steel or plain discs, together with a variety of shaped screens. These can be supplied as separate components or combined in varying meshes; spot welded together or bound with aluminum, stainless steel rims to form multi-layer screen packs and spinneret filters.

  • Witex Wire Netting Industries offers pack filter screen in a wide assortment of media and construction. Our Rectangle die Filters has multi-layer wire cloth filter components welded or framed with filter media of a wide range of micron opening.

    Frame materials include aluminum, stainless steel and nickel coated copper.